#710 Dayton Podfest 2019 Live Part 2

By | April 8th, 2019|Podcast|

Dayton Podfest was held at the Brightside Music and Event Venue, 905 E Third St, Dayton and we kicked off the day with a Podcast Workshop. Thanks to Rob and Hunter for helping me. Thanks to Carly and Hamilton for hosting us.

This podcast features three different live podcasts.

:35 Intro by @TheIzzyRock
4:32 Creating an Audio Drama with Shawn Green of halfwayokay, Savannah Webb of Disaster Quest, and Tanner Elrod of Echo Protocol.
37:45 Murder and Such discuss the Dayton Christmas Killings
1:11:34 Brohio Podcast discuss the Ohio Grassman
1:53:51 Age Nowhere – Stillwater

halfway okay: https://www.halfwayokay.com/
Disaster Quest: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/disaster-quest/id1437449932?mt=2
The Echo Protocol Podcast: https://echoprotocolpod.podbean.com/
Murder and Such: https://murder.ly/murder-and-such
Brohio Podcast: http://brohiopodcast.com/
Age Nowhere: https://agenowhere.bandcamp.com/