Multi-platform storyteller Mathew Klickstein and his wife Becky recently moved to Dayton, with no relatives here or prior ties. They selected Dayton to move to specifically when looking for a place to live that was cool, vibrant,  affordable, and close to other cities to do book tours. Dayton fit the bill in every single way.

Klickstein has published several pop culture books. Most recently, he released his first graphic novel “You Are Obsolete” by AfterShock Comics. The novel examines society’s increasing reliance on technology through a sci-fi horror lens. Think “Children of the Corn,” but with cell phones.

Locally, you can pick up the novel at Bell, Book & Comic at 458 Patterson Road in Dayton or Super-Fly Comics & Games located at 132 Dayton St. in Yellow Springs. Note, although the story is not graphically violent, it is intended for a mature audience. 

Klickstein grew up in California and graduated from the University of Southern California’s prestigious screenwriting program. From there he wrote and produced “National Lampoon’s Collegetown USA” and “SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age,” among other projects. He even “accidentally” wrote Steven Segal’s one horror film, “Against the Dark.”

After the writer’s strike in 2009, Klickstein left LA and started bouncing around the country, doing multiple stints in New York City, where he worked on the “Restaurant Impossible” television series for Food Network. He also lived and worked in Baltimore, Boulder, and Lawrence, Kan.

Klickstein and his wife Becky decided they liked the feel of the Midwest, and the accessibility. He was also drawn to the Dayton area because of all of the universities here, and has been considering teaching at one. Wright State specifically is well known for its film program.

Affordability was also a major factor in choosing Dayton, he said. Living between book advances and royalty checks can be challenging in other big cities, but they found Dayton’s cost of living conducive to a creative’s lifestyle.  The couple moved to Dayton in February of this year.

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