Verses the MC stopped by to chat with @theizzyrock
Who is Verses the MC?

Well, he’s a lyricist, a father, a leader, a motivator, an innovative thinker and last but not least, a student of his craft. Inspiring people to persevere through the struggle that we call life. This happens to be a particular focal point for this Ohio based MC!

Verses reels in that old school vibe! His story embodies personal growth through clever and witty lyrical tact. A truly enthusiastic artist giving you a window into his perspectives, successes and failures!

Verses continues to collaborate with local and national artists building a strong network. Whether it’s an upbeat and funky flavor or the grit and grime of the Boom Bap era, Verses brings a torch! When it comes to performances, you can catch Verses locally, involving the crowd and powerfully utilizing the energy in the room!

Verses loves Hip Hop!

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