In this episode, we learn more about Re-Imagining America is a new citizen-driven initiative looking to build a better, more equitable Dayton and they want your participation!

The initiative is a group effort backed by The Collaboratory. On this episode with hear from The Collaboratory’s Director, Peter Benkendorf. He is joined by James Saleem and Karen Korn who explain what inspired this initiative, what they are hoping to accomplish and how they plan to get there.

In September 2018, the Frontline/ProPublic documentary “Left Behind America” featured Dayton as the manifestation of what has happened to too many great American cities and the people who live there as a result of our current socio-economic model… they have been left behind or in many cases left out. Over the past six months, the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests against systemic racism brought on by the police killing of George Floyd have completely laid bare the inadequacies and inequities that have left more and more Americans with the realization that our country needs a major re-imagining.

Dayton, with its history of innovation, among with being a microcosm of America, would seem like that ideal place to begin Re-Imagining America. Focused on the four-country Metropolitan Statistical Area of Montgomery, Greene, Miami and Preble counties, Re-Imagining America: Dayton, Ohio is looking to address the socio-economic issues highlighted in the documentary by considering doing things differently. What do community members value? What defines a successful or thriving community?

Specific areas of interest are: Regional Economy/Employment, Education, Criminal Justice, Housing, Transportation, Health and Wellness, Environment, and Media.

To share you ideas or get more information, please visit:

How to connect with ReImagining America:

Re-Imagining America


114 West First Street, Suite B

P.O. Box 10506

Dayton, Ohio 45402

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