Zack from @RuefDesign stops by to chat with @TheIzzyRock about their free video contest, deep fakes, and so much more.

Following up, here’s a link to our contest page and info:

We are extending the deadline one week to July 17th! We are posting about the extension on our social media tomorrow. The goal of the contest is to inspire creativity, give something back to our community the best way we know how, meet local talent, and collaborate with artists to help turn their music into something visually special and unique.


 Design is a Dayton, Ohio-based design and marketing firm that specializes in building brands and strategies with powerful messaging, graphic design, video, motion graphics, and technical animation. We tell your story, highlight your products, processes, and services through dynamic visuals and strategic communications.

Our about page:

I would like to give a shout out to these dudes, plus Ally Gatien (our new Digital Marketing Specialist from The University of Dayton), our growing network of contractors and partners, and of course my wife, Erin Ruef, who is simply… beyond. They all make the magic happen. Dane and Brent are both musicians and inspired the contest idea.

Cryztal Grid – Crystal Clear