Modern Witchcraft takes the band’s well lived penchant for heavy, etherial & atmospheric doom/post-metal vibes & casts layers of vocal melody and a more traditional rock sensibility.
With weighty to the point song structures Modern Witchcraft is the band’s heaviest record to date while simultaneously being their most adventurous and delicate in content. Close The Hatch have proven they can continue to evolve since their 2011 conception and Modern Witchcraft is the biggest leap in evolution for this Dayton, OH based act.
Independent of strict classification, yet beholden to the lineage of conceptual metal Close The Hatch stride confidently in the footsteps of post and doom metal heavyweights like Neurosis and Isis yet emote with such conviction that they stand firmly on their own. Close the Hatch has shown continual evolution in sound and structure, exploring darker avenues of punishing riffs while seamlessly intertwining atmosphere, melody & ethereal elements over the coarse of their musical output.