Our host Libby Ballengee had her first front page story in the Dayton Daily News. Quite the thrill for her! The funny thing was, it was all about mousetraps and ping pong balls. Not the usual ingredients for a front page story, but nonetheless, the piece received lots of comments and praise.

Her accolades were a teeny tiny fraction in comparison to the thrill that our guest today felt as a result of that story. Andy Nick from Real Art, was the true subject, and how he and his team turned a simple 30 second commercial involving mouse traps and ping pong balls into a phenomenon that’s been viewed well over 20 million times and counting.

Andy is also an avid Flyers fan, music lover, video gamer and proud Dayton we are honored to host him on the podcast. In this episode we explore what it feels like to be retweeted by J.K. Rowling, what makes Dayton special, and lots more! Enjoy!

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Neo American Pioneers – Beginning To Unfold

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