Darryl Robbins, the person behind Overthought Musik has been a member of the Motel Beds, an engineer and producer of Guided By Voices, the Boxcar Suite, and Smug Brothers joins @theizzyrock to discuss Overthought Musik.

Years from now when Local Music Day is a long-established event many will wonder how it got its start. Perhaps the best way to explain how is to look at Album from Overthought Musik. In fact, if it wasn’t for Album there most likely would be no Local Music Day. The reason is that the idea for Local Music Day came from wanting to promote Album in a way that also celebrates the best of Dayton. In addition to being the initial point of inspiration for Local Music Day, there are many great things about Album

Comprising of eight songs featuring eight different singers, this unique project from D Robbins brings some of Dayton’s best together. Apart from being some of the best work D Robbins has done, Album is sure to introduce listeners to many great musicians. With each song having its own individual feel it’s near impossible to pick any standout songs. Ask eight different people what their favorite song was and chances are you will get eight different answers. That is the reason why Album from Overthough Musik is so good, it has variety without sacrificing any quality.

Both those already familiar with Dayton’s music scene and those who are not, need to listen to Album. Overthought Musik has put together a work that is simultaneous an excellent example of why Dayton’s music scene is so special and a sample of different local talents. If you still haven’t realized that Dayton’s music scene is something special now is the time to get onboard.



A Little Goes a Long Way
Won’t Get away
Sad Boy
Good Intent