After a long history of doing only in person interviews, the coronavirus has pushed us to online interviews. So we here at the Gem City Podcast are taking the opportunity to reach out to guests outside of the Dayton area, to speak with people of interest to our audiences. First on our list is someone we’ve wanted to chat with for a long time: Jason Segedy.

Jason is someone our host Libby Ballengee discovered on Twitter – @JasonSzegedi. He is the Director of Planning and Urban Development for the city of Akron.

Jason Segedy is the Director of Planning and Urban Development for the City of Akron, Ohio. Segedy has worked in the urban planning field for the past 25 years, and is an avid writer on urban planning and development issues, blogging at Notes from the Underground. A lifelong resident of Akron’s west side, Jason is committed to the city, its people, and its neighborhoods. His passion is creating great places and spaces where Akronites can live, work, and play.

Other than Jason being a well read and interesting guest, we also wanted to explore what Dayton can learn from Akron, a city that shares many characteristics with Dayton, in size and shared struggles. We discuss being at a crucial fulcrum point in history, gentrification, segregation, urban planning and lots more!

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