In this podcast, host @theizzyrock is joined by his son Christian to document life happening during a pandemic.

We also feature some messages from the community.

Thanks to Ian Baldwin of hear&see, Brandon Berry from the Paint Splats, Branden Stivers with a Quarantine memo, Indigo In Lights, Jermy Jinky from the Nation, and Steve and Kim Harmon of An Hour of Your Life Podcast.

We a couple songs from Kevin Serey.

Prison Band – This is an original song that I wrote.  I got the idea after reading an article that stated that Al Capone played the banjo in the Prison band while serving his time in Alcatraz.  (See pic).  it also stated that Machine Gun Kelly was the drummer.  This got my head spinning a bit…and even though its only a tagline in the second verse…it got the idea rolling for a new song.   Hence… Prison Band.  Our good buddy and mutual friend Jeremy plays banjo, Lysh on bass, Ron Lay on fiddle

Memo From Turner –  This is an old Mick Jagger song.  Its technically listed as a Rolling Stones tune…but if you read into it…Mick is the only Stone on the song.   this has Ry Cooder (one of my guitar heroes) playing guitar for Mick Jagger.  Lyrics are definitely a little NON-PC for today…but I wanted to keep everything in line with the original recording.  It felt really nice to dust off the electric guitar.  I play 2 different guitars on this one.  My Fender Tele tuned to let me play slide for all the rhythm.  Then, I brought in my 1967 Trini Lopez Gibson for all the lead solo stuff.  I brought in a rock drummer and he brought in a phenomenal bass player.  The bass on this song is nuts.  IF… you are offended by the lyrics… remember… its only Rock and Roll … but I like it.   (Listen LOUD).

Kevin – all guitars

Will Jones – drums

Ben Hawes – Bass

These are just 1st mixes… not quite ready for prime time…but I kinda miss talking with buddies about music.. so I wanted to share.  I hope you are doing well and look forward to your insight on the songs.