Our plans for our in-person interviews have been turned upside down, as with everyone’s plans for the foreseeable future. We’re working on figuring out good audio quality for phone and Skype interviews, so we’ll be shifting to that model moving forward.

In this interim week, our Monday host, Libby Ballengee gives us a quick “Notes from Quarantine” episode. She discusses this unprecedented time, and how she has shifted gears from producing events for The Brightside, to writing for the Dayton Daily News & Dayton.com. Libby also touches on things she’s been writing about this week: easy things you can do to help, stay sane, and fun shows to binge!

Additionally, Libby announced an easy way to support her, and her episodes here at The Gem City Podcast. If she’s helped you promote your ideas, business, or organization, OR if you’ve found her interviews helpful in any way, please consider supporting future episodes. She has a new Ko-Fi account where you can buy her a virtual beer or high end coffee for $6. (You can also make it monthly!) We all sincerely appreciate all the love and support at this difficult time! Thank you!

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Find out about the Wright State Archive “Coronavirus Diary” request here:

https://www.dayton.com/news/local/keep-coronavirus-diary-help-wright-state-archives-document-the- pandemic/rD02TjFbTHPccVmM1Bh2oM/

Find out how you can support healthcare workers locally:

https://www.dayton.com/lifestyles/ways-you-can-thank-our-health-care-workers-right-now/ hwHrbZYtHxe1mIcwGHXJmL/


Find out how you can learn to meditate at home:

• Heartfulness Dayton: http://www.daytonheartfulness.org/

• Daily: Make time for clarity and act on an intention to feel grounded on shaky ground. Gather with us on Instagram and Facebook Live as we join together daily in a Heartfulness Discussion, mediation and question and answer session every day, beginning at 12:15. Meditation begins at 12:30. Q&A at 1pm.

• Apps I like for your phone / device:

• Hearts app: https://heartsapp.org/

• Headspace app: https://www.headspace.com/ • Calm app: https://www.calm.com/

• Waking Up app: https://wakingup.com/

Great music documentaries to stream from home:

https://www.dayton.com/events/concerts/dayton-music-insider-the-best-live-music-events-the-gem-city- this-week/Q5GLHukU4hSF1MMsepgeUN/

Fun shows Libby is binge-watching:

https://www.dayton.com/entertainment/fun-shows-think-you-should-binge-watch-right-now/ Hvlj5FnaDdguqSsRCgYX1I/