This episode was intended to come out as an Earth Day special. However, as with the rest of the world, we have had to make adjustments to our schedule due to the coronavirus. Making recording difficult to impossible, we are releasing this episode early and looking into phone / computer recording. We like to do in person, high quality audio, but again, we’re making adjustments to this strange new reality.

This episode was recorded before the pandemic, and yet is still timely in terms of dealing with another global crisis: climate change. It’s scary to think about all this, but the quicker we take action, the faster we can (attempt to) put on the brakes.

The City of Dayton is starting to take more decisive action by adding the position of Sustainability Manager. Last fall, Mark Charles, started as the Sustainability Manager for the city. He brings nearly 40 years of environmental and sustainability experience.

In this episode, our host Libby Ballengee speaks with Mr. Charles about the goals of the city in this endeavor, how those goals are being implemented, and how Daytonian’s themselves can be more sustainable. (And yes, we tackle the evergreen issue of how to recycle correctly.) If you want to leave less of a footprint, listen in!

More about Mark Charles, City of Dayton Sustainability Manager

Most recently, Mr. Charles served as he Chief of Environmental Management for the City of Rockville, Md. and has also served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the states of Arizona and Oregon. Charles has a national reputation as a creative problem solver, is known for translating complicated scientific, technical, and engineering information into easily understood terms. He is also deft at designing meaningful public involvement opportunities that influence the direction government agencies take.

In Dayton, Mr. Charles is planning, directing, managing and overseeing the activities and operations of the Office of Sustainability. He is responsible for developing critical relationships with internal and external partners, with the aim of advancing the City’s sustainability goals and objectives, including the Dayton Sustainability Plan. He also assists City personnel and Dayton residents and businesses in becoming more sustainable.

Mr. Charles has a law degree from the Washington College of Law at American University and a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, from Northland College in Ashland, Wisc.

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