The fellas are back talking about Wednesday’s Coronavirus Outbreak! Including Trump’s travel ban, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson catching the Rona, Rudy Gobert testing positive for the Rona, the NBA pausing the rest of the season, all other sports on hiatus! Killa breaks down how he & the family are handling a 3 week spring break with the kids! Aye Dizzle explains why he isn’t worried about The RONA! Plus, the fellas talk to James Scales aka @bearded_glory_ about going viral for have WAVES in his beard! James got reposted on The Shaderoom’s IG page, got showed love from Jalen Rose on ESPN, and his beard care products! Stay connected with the fellas @Dj_Killa_Kev & @1KevNash on twitter & IG! Don’t forget you can find the pod on the Tunein app & stitcher app.