Itstime2! is a new charitable organization passionate about raising awareness against issues going on in our nation today. Bullying, hating, racism, abuse – they need to stop. It’s time to BE A LEADER. It’s time to LOVE people. The time is now.

In this episode we speak with Jessica Pricci who is a Presenter for the organization: “I’m involved with the Itstime2 organization because as a teen, I was bullied so badly that I tried to take my own life. With this organization, I can share my story to help other teens and youth find their voice and to make decisions to be the solution.”

It’sTime2! Website:

Information for Parents:

Contact It’sTime2!

Address: PO Box 353, Bellbrook, OH, 45305

Phone: 937-709-0494


Save the Date:

It’sTime2! Party With A Purpose Fundraiser will be on October 27, 2020 at Kramers!