Like many other military families, Eric Moyer’s parents first came to the Miami Valley after serving all over the world with the United States Air Force. After growing up in the Kettering City School system Eric went to Ohio State to become a Biomedical Engineer. At Ohio State, Eric focused on public service outside of the classroom, including volunteer projects that applied his engineering coursework to green energy solutions for the local and international community. Eric also gained public policy advocacy experience in Washington and in Columbus where he petitioned elected officials to address the snowballing student debt crisis. Almost a decade later and it’s only become worse where tens of millions of people are living with student loan debt – many for so long that their Social Security checks are being garnished.

After graduation, Eric began a career as a research scientist in the Space Biology Division at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. After more than 4 years at NASA he left to start his graduate studies in the Netherlands. Life in California and the Netherlands showed Eric how different Ohio could be with better representation in office. Progressive policies – such as guaranteeing healthcare for all people, a tuition-free educational system that is accessible to all, and ensuring that all workers have a living wage – not only serve the needs of the people but also protected those economies during the recession that continues to leave so many Ohioans behind.

Now at the University of Dayton, Eric is researching the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Outside of the lab he has partnered with a group of West Dayton religious leaders and community members on issues of poverty, public health, and healthcare access. Being in Congress is not an end goal or a life’s mission for Eric, it is a next step in a long career of advocacy and activism to improve the lives of all people in this country.

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