Music to listen to when you hear the train passing your apartment, you can’t afford, on a phone that you can’t afford, after a night of drinking that you shouldn’t have been able to afford. – Yuppie 2018

“The dichotomy of life is trying to go where you want, but having to remain where you are.  Through bills, friendships, great times and tough circumstances, or what may have you; Fate will find a way to bring you back to where you’re supposed to be” – Yuppie 2019

A local band has paid tribute to their roots with an imaginative and Dayton-centric music video.
On Jan. 1, Dayton-based indie rock band Yuppie released their first music video to accompany their latest single, “A Place to Call My Own.” Previously, the band, consisting of Zack Sliver (guitar and lead vocals), James Lampe (lead guitar and vocals, Bobby Tewksbury (drums) and Zach Thompson (bass and vocals), released a debut album, “Old Feeling New” in 2017.

The music video is about a painting, consisting of all four band members, that comes to life after being sold at an auction. Each band member then escapes to try to find their own place in the world. Eventually, each band member is rounded up by local musician Brian Hoeflich.

The music video follows the band as they walk around downtown Dayton and into local businesses and popular gathering holes. If you look closely, you’ll also notice that Jim Macpherson, the drummer for the Breeders, also makes an appearance in Yuppie’s video as a party-goer.

Daytonian filmmaker Ethan Frederick, who premiered his short film “Trust Fall” at the Neon last year, is the video’s director. The live-action art and elaborate costumes were painted by Tiffany Clark, an artist and the creator of Mural Machine.

The production of the music video was funded by Operation Encore, a non-profit veteran music project that is designed to help veterans find success with their musical careers. Sliver, Yuppie’s lead singer, is a Marine Corps veteran and has been with Operation Encore for almost a year. You can visit to donate or show your support for Operation Encore.

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By Ashley Moor, Staff Writer

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