Nick Kizirnis is a legendary member of the Dayton music scene. From CAGE, the Mulchmen, Nicky Kay and the Fabulous Kay-Tones, Nicky Kay Orchestra, and a singer-songwriter. We discuss Dayton music history and so much more!!!

Yellow Cab Tavern hosts Nick Kizirnis Record Release Show for The Distance on Saturday, February 1

The Yellow Cab Tavern will host Nick Kizirnis on Saturday, February 1, 2020 for the record release show of “The Distance” on ATOM Records. Support comes from Amber Hargett and Kyleen Downes with cover starting at 7:30pm and music at 8:30pm. Pre-sale tickets are available from Sound Valley for $12, or $15 with a CD copy of The Distance. Tickets at the door will be $15.

“This will be a one-off show to celebrate the release of the album. Everyone in the group is so busy with other bands and projects, so we’re excited we could pull this off.” said Kizirnis.

Listen to “The Beginning” from The Distance by Nick Kizirnis.

Having played in such celebrated Dayton acts as The Mulchmen, Cage, Nicky Kay Orchestra, and with Tobin Sprout in Eyesinweasel, “The Distance” is Kizirnis’s first album in over five years. Featured on the recording are Kate WakefieldMark PattersonTod Weidner“Crazy Joe” Tritschler and Patrick Himes. The three will be joined by Paige Beller, Brian Hoeflich and Brian Greaney on February 1.

“This album is the result of challenging myself as a songwriter, and then continuing that challenge into the recording studio. – finding new ways of working with friends and their ideas to help develop the songs. They made time for me between work, tours, moving, more work and quite a few miles to not only play on these songs, but to take them to a new level, beyond what I could have accomplished on my own.” said Kizirnis.

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The Beginning
Way To Me
The Distance
Slipping Away