Preserving Dayton’s history and architectural legacy is a passion project for our guests on this episode: Monica Snow, President of PDI and a Trustee for the Oregon Historic District Society, and Fred Holley, a PDI Trustee, the President of the Dayton View Historic District, Chair of the City of Dayton’s Landmark’s Commission, and serves on the boards of Gem City Market and the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor. 

In this episode we talk about Dayton’s 14 historic districts, give advice to people considering buying in the districts, what considerations you need to keep in mind, and how you can get involved with this wonderful group of people!

The purposes of the Preservation Dayton, Inc. 501C3 corporation are:

  • a) to promote historic preservation
  • b) to promote the restoration, renovation and rehabilitation of historic structures and settings as economically viable activities and enhancements to the public welfare
  • c) to participate in and advocate urban planning as it affects historic areas, sites, buildings and structures
  • d) to facilitate the stabilization and growth of historic districts and their contiguous neighborhoods e) to facilitate communication and create a cohesive network among historic districts, societies, and preservationists and local governments and the community at large. 

Preservation Dayton Successes:

  • Creating Dayton’s fourteen historic districts
  • Advocating for the use of historic tax credits as a critical revitalization tool 
  • Writing proposals to save the Dayton arcade 
  • Saving two historic facades of the RTA Transportation Center at 3rd and Main Streets
  • 501C title possession for the 1907 Dayton Power and Light Steam Plant
  • Advocating for Montgomery County to maintain Memorial Hall 
  • Advocating to restore the terracotta façade of the Riebold Building at 4th and Main
  • Saving historic Shawen Acres’ unique English cottage buildings 
  • Saving and moving two historic homes in Grafton from proposed demolition 
  • Hosting several “Art about Town” juried art exhibits
  • Developing a profitable plan to revitalize the historic Gem City Ice Cream Building 
  • Giving Historic Preservation awards recognizing leaders and projects
  • Listing of multiple high-profile Dayton buildings on Preservation Ohio’s most endangered property lists
  • Hosting Urban Living Expos in Huffman, Grafton, and Wright-Dunbar
  • Sharing best practices, having fun, and supporting the efforts of all of Dayton’s invaluable historic districts. 

More info can be found on the Preservation Dayton website at:

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