For all of the goal setters, entrepreneurs or fellow life hackers out there, this episode is for you! Our friend Daniel Huiet, who you may remember from a few years ago discussing his Great Escape Room business (see link below). He is back, and discussing his newest brick and mortar business, Wild Axe Throwing! whoa! yes!  AND – the Kickstarter Campaign he is doing with his family: the 30 Day Start Here Challenger – an innovative strategy and journal to help you achieve your goals, establish good habits or break bad ones. Our host Libby Ballengee is always interested in a chat about productivity – and this one is full of great advice!

30 Day Start Here Challenger – Kickstarter Campaign

The 30 Day Challenger is a quick, simple goal motivator. Each day offers a different technique and unique questions regarding your goal and the new technique you learned.  We are a family team consisting of Kathy, Heather, and Daniel. Kathy has experience in retail management. Heather has experience with mental health nursing. Daniel has experience with business and entrepreneurship. Although the three of us had different goals, we all came together to help others accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. 

Wild Axe Throwing

The owners of Wild Axe Throwing had a dream to make the most visually appealing, interactive and unique axe throwing bar in the world. We didn’t just want to slap together some plywood and make an experience that wasn’t up to par with what we felt our guests wanted. We desired a space that made you feel good. A place where you could have a kick axe birthday party or an unforgettable first date. Somewhere that the design and atmosphere made you feel like you were in a place you’ve never been to before. A step back in time, a breath of fresh air, and a rush that made you feel alive inside. After countless months of planning, all while not overlooking even the smallest of details in the design, Wild Axe Throwing was born. Our mission is simple. We want you to escape reality with us and partake in the wonderful, excited, and beautiful thrill of axe throwing! We hope our facility, and our axe masters leave you with an experience that you will never forget.

Great Escape Room

Seth Canan and the Carriers – Shine