Don Thrasher is one of the local heroes when it comes to covering local music. @theizzyrock chats with Don about the upcoming Local Music Day.

Don Thrasher has been playing music since 1982 and writing about it professionally since 1993. He has been a contributing writer for the Dayton Daily News since 2003 and has written for publications such as The Dayton Voice, In These Times, Sponic and Moo. Thrasher helped form the punk rock trio the New Creatures with a couple of neighborhood pals in suburban Dayton in 1982. He went on to play drums with acts such as Guided By Voices, Swearing At Motorists, Johnny Smoke and Lonesome Tumblers, to name a few. He has been a member of Smug Brothers since 2008. “Land Baron of Barren Lands” is the first release from his electronic music project Crossfade Rivals.

The first Local Music Day, held in Dayton, Ohio on November 8-9 at the Yellow Cab Tavern! Think of it like Record Store Day but instead of you buying that one Eagles record again, you’ll be buying exclusive releases from local artists made especially for this event. You need this.

NEW RELEASES FROM: Overthought MusikRoley YumaMOIRA+TINOMe & MountainsSmug BrothersAndy GabbardMike Bankhead Music+The Paint SplatsDirty/CleanHuman CannonballSympathetic BuzzXL427, Crossfade Rivals and more…

PERFORMANCES FROM: Friday at 7pm: Roley Yuma, Grenades!?YARDBOSS

Saturday at 7pm: Lioness, Moira+Tino, Human Cannonball, Smug Brothers

Two-day tickets are $15 in advance and one-day tickets are $10 at the door. Cover starts both days at 7pm. This show is all ages, with guests under 18 requiring a guardian.

Tickets are available here.

Presale Tickets end on Thursday, November 7 at 11:30pm.

Produced by Ten High Productions

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