After the 2016 Presidential election, a new progressive movement started called Indivisible. A chapter was formed here in Dayton, which is known as DIFA- District 10 Indivisible For All. In this interview, we speak to the leader of this group, Melissa Rodriguez, about the history, goals and challenges this movement faces.

DIFA seeks to mobilize the Greater Dayton community to promote an inclusive agenda and protect the rights of all people living in the U.S., citizens and non-citizens alike. “We will resist intolerance, racism, and authoritarianism through peaceful and powerful means.” The organization provides opportunities for people to get involved in organized actions that focus on local, state, and federal issues as they come up. They need people who are willing to make phone calls, show up at rallies, visit their congressional offices, and send postcards. They also need people who are willing to tell their story and show how legislation impacts the community. They are also seeking folks who can research and track current and upcoming legislation. If you feel compelled to get involved or just more informed, see links below!

McGuff and the Dumpster Fires – Bank Vault


DIFA- District 10 Indivisible For All public FB page

DIFA District 10 Indivisible For All closed FB group

DIFA- District 10 Indivisible For All website


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