Young Reese Dude @937ReeseDude is an independent hip-hop artist from Dayton, OH. He stops by DATV to chat with @theizzyrock about growing up in Dayton, influences, and we discuss the album “Reese”, which released on 6-14-2019 and can be streamed everywhere.

Born and raised in Desota Bass Courts, a housing project in Dayton, Ohio, Raysean (YoungReeseDude) Reese was the oldest of his mother’s children and the second oldest of his father’s. He attended Macfarlane Middle School where he played football until he suffered a season ending injury. During that time Reese’s father noticed him rapping and suggested his son start writing some of these lyrics down. With a growing confidence Reese begins freestyle battling at Meadowdale High School where he picked up the name YoungReeseDude and soon everyone would call him that. YoungReeseDude would soon grow very popular on the battling circuit and would leave school to go battle MC’s at other schools. During that same time ReeseDude was introduce to his father childhood friend Christian “Mouzetrapp” Gates who was also and MC and a recording engineer. They got together in the studio and ReeseDude recorded his first mixtape The Natural and later on an assortment of other mixtapes. ReeseDude is currently and always working on new material and his music can be found on various websites such as,, etc… He credits some of his influences to being Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Big Daddy Kane. For Booking Info and Contact Info you can email Him at Or Call Him at 937-301-6154. Twitter info: and Facebook Info:

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