Running for Congress is not a path to be taken lightly. It takes a large amount of courage, ideas, solutions, relationships and cash. Despite the obstacles and intensity, an influx of women ran for Congress in 2018, most of them first time candidates. In Dayton, local entrepreneur Theresa Gasper challenged Republican Mike Turner for our House of Representatives seat. Although Turner won re-election in our very gerrymandered district, Gasper came the closest to upsetting this longtime incumbent.

In this episode with catch up with Theresa, to ask her about her campaign experience, her advice to other would-be candidates and her thoughts on the current state of politics, including gun control legislation after the mass shooting.

About Theresa Gasper

Theresa grew up in Dayton’s South Park neighborhood, as the youngest of four siblings. She is a proud fourth-generation Daytonian and small business owner, having established two successful businesses in the Miami Valley. Her father, Bill, instilled in her the values of hard work, grit and determination. He worked for a local hardware store after losing his longtime job at age 55 and then bought and operated a framing shop. Theresa’s mother, Wanda, managed former Rep. Chuck Whalen’s district office and showed her the importance of public service. Theresa’s earliest memories involve passing out the Barbara Whalen Cookbook at the Montgomery County Fair and delivering Chuck’s newsletters door-to-door on weekends. Taking a page out of her father’s book, Theresa bought a local telephone-answering service as a young mother and built it into the largest business center in Dayton over the course of 14 years. For the past 12 years through her current company, Full Circle Development, she has worked to make Dayton a better place by reinvesting in and renovating homes that have fallen into disrepair in light of the housing crisis. Theresa’s passion for her home of Southwest Ohio drives her activism. Her extensive background in housing advocacy includes service on community boards that educate first-time homebuyers, coach existing homeowners through loan modification, and organize volunteer repairs for elderly homeowners. Theresa resides in Beavercreek with her husband Dave and two cats. She is a diehard UD Flyers fan.

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