We at the Gem City Podcast have been dedicated to the city of Dayton our entire lives, and through the lens of this podcast since 2013. We were shaken by the klan rally, devastated by the tornadoes, and now in utter agony in the aftermath of the shocking mass shooting in our beloved Oregon District – the place where this podcast was birthed and where we recorded the vast majority of our episodes.

We are all asking ourselves WHY this tragedy happened. Why do these attacks happen so often? What is behind the hate? What is fundamentally going on? Our host Libby Ballengee immediate sought answers to these questions, and also needed some comfort while these wounds are so fresh. She turned to Uma Mullapudi, a meditation trainer and one of the wisest people she knows.

Uma explains that all people are good people, but the hatred, sadness, fear, loneliness and anger that we collect, if not dealt with properly, gets bottled up – and then one day explodes. Something we can all do, is learn how to process the negative emotions that we encounter on a daily basis.  Just like we take a shower to clean our bodies, we need to cleanse our minds and hearts. Children need this too!

Learn more about finding inner peace and balance in this episode and at the resources below. Wishing all of our listeners peace in your hearts, minds & lives.

Salvadore Ross – Helpers Return

How to meditate? Gently close your eyes and think of the source of light is already present with in your heart.

Dayton Heartfulness:

Personal meditation sessions are available, free of charge. We have two locations to serve you. 3153 Lantz Road Beavercreek as well as the Heartfulness Center in the Mall at Fairfield Commons, on the lower level. If you would like to experience meditation with yogic transmission, with the aid of a trainer, email dayton.oh@heartfulness.org or check out our website: daytonheartfulness.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartfulnessdayton/

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