We awoke on Sunday, August 4th to a tragedy that had struck in the Oregon District. Senseless violence from a mass shooter had taken the lives of 9 people. Though we do not discuss that in this podcast, we want you to know we’re Dayton Strong. We love this community and will have an episode dedicated to this on 8/12/19.

Community Leadership Initiatives and Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative:

The Dayton Foundation has a long history of developing collaborative Community Leadership Initiatives that help address key issues and ultimately strengthens the Greater Dayton Region.

In this episode of Gem City Podcast, The Dayton Foundation’s community engagement staff discusses how the Foundation learns what the greatest needs and issues are in the region (i.e. Brain Drain, Minority Inclusion, Poverty and etc.), identifies an issue and then pulls together community leaders around the subject matter to develop and pilot initiative that work towards a solution.

Some of the Foundation’s recent Community Leadership Initiatives include – Learn to Earn Dayton, Crayons to Classrooms and the  Commission on Minority Inclusion and the Minority Business Partnership, to name a few.

One of the current issues the Dayton Region faces is a rapidly aging population. In 2016, the Foundation launched an initiative called the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative to use the talent and wisdom of older adults to address some of the region’s toughest and emerging issues.

Highly skilled older adults [Fellows], are placed with Host Organizations [nonprofits] which have recognized the value of experienced workers and applied to The Dayton Foundation to bring a Fellow into their leadership team to solve a critical community concern. The Fellows also work together to help change the conversation about aging, making presentations to civic and educational organizations about the Del Mar Initiative and the valuable resource represented by older adults in our community.


People can learn more about The Dayton Foundation or the Del Mar Encore Fellows Initiative at:

Philanthropy and How It Can Be Used to Make a Greater Impact:

The mission of The Dayton Foundation is to empower others through philanthropy and community leadership. In short, the Foundation is here to help people help others by working to find the best charitable solution to how individuals and families want to make a difference – whether that be through giving scholarships to children in need or supporting an organization that you care about even after you’re gone.

In this episode of Gem City Podcast, The Dayton Foundation’s Development staff explains what philanthropy is and the unique range and depth of services that it offers people and organizations who want to give to charity today or in the future.

Additionally, Foundation staff shares stories and examples of how pooling your income can make a greater impact and how many nonprofits have used the Foundation’s services to kick start a grass-roots projects and campaigns, like the Levitt Pavilion, The Dayton VA Fisher House and Gem City Market to name a few.


People can learn more about The Dayton Foundation or becoming a donor, at:

The Disability Foundation:

If you have a loved-one with a disability, or are planning for the long-term care of a family member, you know it’s important to cover basic and daily needs. You, more than likely, also want to ensure the enrichment and quality of life of the person so you can be confident that they are living life to the fullest without concern for how their needs or wants will be met.

In 1999, The Dayton Foundation helped to establish The Disability Foundation. This supporting organization offers planning options that provide supplemental goods or services for individuals with disabilities.

The mission of The Disability Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities by complementing public benefits through the management of financial resources. To do this, the Foundation acts as Distribution Trustee of The Ohio Community Pooled Annuity Trust and the Ohio Community Pooled Flexible-Spending Trust.

In this episode, executive director of The Disability Foundation, Greg Darling, and Board Member Patty Ioas, discuss the importance of this fund to individuals with disabilities and their loved ones.


People can learn more about The Disability Foundation, at: