How do we civilly discuss politics in this day and age? It seems impossible to communicate with our family, friends and neighbors on the other side of the political divide. But are we really that different? Are we really living in two Americas? Or have we just forgotten how to communicate with each other? Has the social rule to “not discuss religion and politics” made is completely incapable of talking when we really need to?

We’ve been wondering about that here at the Gem City Podcast, so we sent out our host Libby Ballengee to get the scoop on how we can discuss politics and find some common ground. Libby went to the University of Dayton to speak to Joe Valenzano – the chair of the Department of Communications there. Joe was a fantastic guest and really had a great conversation with Libby!

Link to great article about this topic by WYSO:

New-Old Fashioned – How to Discuss Politics