Currently, Dayton Public Schools is at risk of a takeover after the Ohio Department of Education released school district report cards, and the district got an “F” ranking. The district will find out in September 2019 if the takeover is happening, or if the law about takeovers will change. This would be a dramatic and controversial next chapter for the school district.

Here at the podcast, we’ve discuss the state of DPS with a variety of local politicians, candidates, and community leaders, but we have yet to have a chat with someone from the school district. In this episode, we finally get to discuss the challenges DPS faces with School Board Vice President Jocelyn Spencer Rhynard. She is new to the Board, newly elected in 2018 and will serve until 2022.

In this wide ranging conversation with host Libby Ballengee, Jocelyn discusses her journey to Dayton, sending her children to DPS, her personal epiphanies as a parent, and how she found the inspiration she to run for the School Board and put children first. She also explains the takeover situation, and thoughts on a path forward for DPS. 

About Jocelyn Specer Rhynard:

Jocelyn Rhynard has lived in Dayton for almost 14 years. She and her husband met and married while attending Brigham Young University and moved to Dayton following the birth of their first child. They now have four children, all of whom attend various Dayton Public Schools. Jocelyn has enjoyed being a full-time parent, and has welcomed the chance to spend hundreds of hours working in her children’s’ elementary school. Over the past seven years, she has given of her time in and out of the classroom and has served as the co-chair of the Parent/Teacher Organization at River’s Edge Montessori for the past two years. She is an active member of the Dayton community, and serves on the Dayton School Board as a representative of the parents of the district.

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