We haven’t had a Dayton author on in quite awhile, so our host Libby Ballengee made sure to get scheduled for an interview. What she didn’t anticipate was the table getting turned on her! In this unique conversation, local author and business coach Tom Rubens ends up interviewing Libby! This episode is an equal exchange between two people who love life and business – otherwise known as Lifeness (which is the title of Tom’s book!)

Tom Rubens is a business coach and expert in corporate culture and strategy dedicated to helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses and their lives. In his 40 years of diverse experience in business, Tom founded a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage and assembled investment groups to buy minor league baseball and basketball franchise. When workplace dissatisfaction and quality of life issues became too much to bear, Tom engineered a radical shift in his life, aligning his business, life and truest self with the unifying principles that guide him every day. This change translated into better health, more passion for leadership, and commitment to contribute to his family and community. With his newfound new clarity, Tom founded The Accountability Factor, a business coaching practice that helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams increase revenue and productivity, manage relationships and collaborations, and live harmonious lives. Tom’s first book, Lifeness: Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life was released in 2017.

Introduction to “Lifeness” – In Lifeness: Harmonizing an Entrepreneurial Life, business coach Tom Rubens inspires business leaders to make a radical shift toward the pursuit of harmony. Change is not often achieved in steps or by following a guru s how-to path. It is awareness, through story, that motivates people to look at their own lives and take the first step. Through stories about his business and personal life, Tom hopes to awaken in you a desire to align your business culture and personal core values so that you can truly achieve harmonious entrepreneurial success.

“Tom’s gift for storytelling makes Lifeness a great read, not only for entrepreneurs, but for anyone looking for more harmony in their personal and professional relationships.” – Bruce D Schneider, Founder, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Author, Energy Leadership

Learn more about Tom: https://www.tomrubens.com/

Get Tom’s book here: https://www.tomrubens.com/lifeness/


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