In previous episodes, we’ve discussed treatments and stories about opioid addiction. While that struggle remains a critical issue, addiction to alcohol is even more common. On this episode, we discuss a new treatment for “alcohol use disorder.” It’s an easy way for individuals wanting to drink less for any reason (improve health, lose weight, addiction, etc) to do so successfully – and you don’t have to give up alcohol completely if you don’t want to!

In this episode our host Libby Ballengee interviews Dr. Paul Kolodzik, the Medical Director of North Dayton Addiction & Recovery Services in Vandalia, Ohio. Dr Paul is joined by one of his own patients and success stories in this enlightening conversation on medical treatments for addiction. Amazingly, this treatment sees permanent success is approximately 70% of cases, which is much higher than traditional approaches. Plus this treatment is also effective for opioid addiction!

Dr. Kolodzik is double Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in the specialties of Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine.  He has treated patients with addiction related disorders in both the hospital and the office setting for over 20 years. He is also one of few board certified physician addictionologists in the Midwest treating patients for Alcohol Use Disorder with medications. “Medication Assisted Treatment” (or MAT) for patients who drink excessive alcohol is an evidenced-based treatment-backed by hundreds of scientific medical studies.

No longer is complete abstinence (for example, Alcoholics Anonymous) the only medical approach to reduction of alcohol use. Medication Assisted Treatment utilizes medications proven to reduce the quantity of alcohol consumed. Alcohol consumption is gradually reduced over a period of months with medication use, without the need for inpatient or outpatient “detox” or the danger and discomfort of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Patients then may choose to continue drinking significantly reduced amounts of alcohol, or decide to stop drinking alcohol completely.  

The primary medications utilized in the MAT of alcohol use disorder include naltrexone, baclofen, and topiramate. These medications may be supplemented with the use of specific vitamins and supplements to achieve an optimal pace of alcohol use reduction, and to address nutritional deficiencies that may exist as a result of previous excessive alcohol use.  Dr. Kolodzik is an expert in managing patients with  “The Sinclair Method”, a scientifically proven  MAT approach widely recognized to reduce and/or eliminate alcohol use.

Dr. Kolodzik is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, the Wright State University College of Medicine, and the Wright State University Residency in Emergency Medicine.  He has served as a Chief Resident at Wright State and as the Medical Director of a variety of organizations including Premier Health Care Services, New Century Physicians, Integrated Wellness Solutions, East Indiana Recovery, and North Dayton Addiction & Recovery. He is a recognized expert in the treatment of people with Alcohol Use Disorder, helping thousands of patients (for themselves and their families) achieve the goal of reduced alcohol use. He has been widely successful in assisting patients reduce or eliminate alcohol use and achieve associated improvement in their health, well-being, productivity and work life, and family relationships.  

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