Seth Canan & the Carriers chat with @theizzyrock at Dayton Sideshow 14 at Yellow Cab Tavern about their new album, Strange Forces being released this weekend 6/14.

Childhood friends, Seth Canan & Isaac Schaefer, started out playing their local bars in Covington, Ohio at 15. Throughout High School, they continued to play and record music together. While Seth was on his first winter break from Ohio University, they met up with old friend, Zac Pack, for an impromptu jam. That jam turned into a show. That show turned into Seth Canan & The Carriers.

The band released their first and self-titled LP in 2016. They worked at Popside Recording with Micah Carli. Complete with 12 songs, the album revealed promising songwriting and musicianship accompanied by a wide scope of sounds rooted in rock music. The first track, “The Lost Things”, became a favorite, with a catchy reminiscence to the Gin Blossoms. They proved to be proficient on the harder end of the rock spectrum with “Shine”, a barn-burner which finishes out the LP in true AC/DC fashion and often closes out their live sets with that same mentality.

After releasing their self-titled, the band put a calculated focus on tightening and perfecting their live shows. They found themselves naturally attaching to and rising in the Dayton music scene. The band spent the next two years cutting their teeth in Dayton and the surrounding cities, sprinkling a Stephen King inspired hard-rock single, “Pennywise”, into their catalog on Halloween of 2017.

Seth Canan & The Carriers started working with Dayton-native, Patrick Himes, of Reel Love Recording, towards the end of 2018 in preparations for their full length sophomore LP, ‘Strange Forces’. They released the first single from the album, “What’s Happening to Me?” on March 20, 2019. ‘Strange Forces’ will be out 6/14.

See them play Blind Bobs with a New Old Fashioned and AVOYO.
#1 Strange Forces
#2 Inside the Glass
#3 Small Town Blues
#4 Memories In The Sky

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