Originally based out of Dayton, Ohio, Mack McKenzie now calls Cleveland his home and base of operations for his brand of country music. Writing from the real life experience of the working class, Alternative-Country and Roots Rock are the cornerstone of Mack’s music . Mack McKenzie and his band have made the region take notice of what new country music can be again, versus what is being heard on the radio.

A 101st Airborne Combat Veteran, Mack has seen the world, both good and bad and it shines through in his music. One full length album, A Million Miles and a follow on EP, Consciousness, have laid the foundation of Mack McKenzie’s catalogue, with a second full length album on its way. Sonically similar to acts such as Son Volt, Drive-by Truckers and Jason Isbell, Mack’s music has depth and meaning the everyday working class individual can relate to.

#1 Black Roses
#2 Woe Is Me
#3 Luck and Lightning
#4 Me and Him