halfwayokay is a local comedy podcast dubbed, “Weird rad comedy talk”. This podcast was recorded on 5/28/2019, the day after the National Weather Service has confirmed that 15 tornadoes touched down on Memorial Day evening and into the next day, the largest one that hit Trotwood-Brookville-Riverside and Dayton was rated an EF4carrying winds up to 170 mph, according to NWS investigators who are continuing to survey damage across the Miami Valley.

I want listeners to know this is a comedy show and that we understand this area suffered PTSD that will be felt for generations. Just like the 1913 flood that devastated the area, we will persevere and rebuild.
You can help here: https://www.mostmetro.com/the-featured-articles/how-you-can-help-tornado-victims.html

Gem City Podcast’s Terry “IzzyRock” Martin AKA Bandit is here for some fun! We had to deal with a KKK rally and a bunch of tornadoes recently so this episode gets pretty weird / WARNING: Danny is the ultimate edgelord and contrarian in this episode / Shawn gets called out on his privilege / Shawn was accidentally nice to a racist / Danny gets called out for making an insensitive Facebook post / Danny wants to confront a tornado / ObamaCare Tornado Domes / Local weatherman Jamie Simpson goes off ON AIR! / Didjanu / Shawn locked himself in his bedroom / Underwear preferences / Gun talk for some reason / Shawn HATES guns / Extroverts VS Introverts / Shawn defends his stance on Game of Throes /  Shawn is a Gatekeeper / Danny STILL hasn’t seen Avengers: End Game / Nightmare the VHS board game / Cubby’s Time Warp Weekend / Nobody likes Mandy but Shawn! / Miley Cyrus’ new song /Catitude’ / Blood Court: The People VS Shawn Groan II / Punk rock talk / Shawn Green’s Hot Cake: Shawn can’t stand the nickname “D”, “T”, or “B” / Shawn and Izzy’s PC Update / The Buck Cherry Happy Hour / Danny and Shawn’s wonderful friendship

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