For many, being a teenager was never easy. The hormones, pimples, puberty, periods, self doubt – all are very tough to endure during any time in history. Currently, we are seeing skyrocketing rates of depression and suicide in teenagers. The statistics are downright alarming. What’s behind this trend? Is online bullying from social media solely to blame? Do parents shoulder some of this as well? It’s also a time when teenagers are grappling with their sexuality. Coming out to family members, especially those of an older generation, can be very challenging and can be a source of depression as well. There are certainly no easy answers. 

In this “community conversation” episode, our host Libby Ballengee, chats with Randi Levinson, a Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Sexologist, and Scott Ervin (aka The Kid Whisperer), a behavioral consultant to parents and educators, for some insight. This conversation is for parents and anyone who wants to be more supportive of the teens in their sphere of influence.
M Ross Perkins – “My Poor Daughter”

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