Performing under the moniker BJSR, Benjamin J S Rivet weaves intricate guitar, looped beatboxing and layered vocals into a seamless expression of emotion. He has been cutting his musical teeth in Ohio for the last decade since moving from the MI to study music at the U of Dayton. A 6-month cruise ship performance opportunity, robust Freshman EP, several successful music video releases and a handful of Midwest and National tours, Rivet has been paying his dues and honing his skills in the ever-changing modern music scene. Whether it’s with his guitar, his looping station and beatboxing, or with a variety of band arrangements, Rivet’s baritone voice and indie, folk, pop influences are the connective tissue behind “BJSR”. With a strong emphasis of artistic collaboration, his “Solo” project continues to showcase up-and-coming talent in the fields of music, video, photography and fine arts to tell a story of growing up a “Lover”.

#1 The Lover
#2 Journeyman
#3 Follow The Leader
#4 The Runner