Identical-twin brothers Matthew and Daniel Spaugy first met Paul Monnin when he became their next-door neighbor in the spring of 1998. The three grade-school-aged boys quickly became close friends and have been ever since. In their formative years, the three friends became avid rock ‘n roll fans, spending countless hours in the early 2000’s in used-CD stores scouring through the discographies of everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Soundgarden, The Black Crowes, and countless others.

As teenagers, they each began playing the guitar and started co-writing songs, eventually adding a drummer and forming a spirited-but-short-lived high-school rock band. Upon graduation, the three friends moved on with their lives and spent the next ten-plus years on informal hiatus.

When Matt, Dan, and Paul reunited in the Dayton, Ohio area in the spring of 2017, they founded Age Nowhere with a musical vision nearly two decades in the making. The band applies rock ‘n roll, country, and blues-driven Americana stylings to songs that venture from harmonious and energetic to ambient and haunting. Monnin, the band’s primary lead vocalist and songwriter, plays rhythm guitar and serves as the band’s de-facto front man.

The Spaugy brothers dial in guitar tones ranging from unmistakably-classic to entirely-experimental; sharing responsibilities as lead guitarists, rhythm players, and multi-instrumentalists. Bassist Matt Terry and drummer Seth Gilliam motivate the foundation of each song, providing an intuitive low-end and subtle rhythmic accents. Terry and Gilliam also provide evocative backing and change-of-pace lead vocals for the group, further diversifying its sound.

Shortly after forming in 2017, the band began work on their debut album, Airport Sounds, which they are preparing to release independently on March 23rd, 2019. The album is inspired by the band’s upbringings in the areas surrounding Dayton, Ohio; a city that was changed forever by the Wright brother’s innovations in flight. Airport Sounds was recorded at Reel Love Record Company in Dayton and was engineered and produced by Patrick Himes, whose album credits are illustrious and fascinating dating back to his work on Ryan Adams’ debut solo album, Heartbreaker. In 2018, Himes’ studio produced more than a dozen releases by Dayton-based acts including Paige Beller, The New Old-Fashioned, Harold Hensley, Kyleen Downes, The Typical Johnsons, Neo American Pioneers, and a standalone single and B-side by Age Nowhere, “Dopamine” and “Even Anarchy.” Airport Sounds sets the stage for another prolific year of releases from Himes’ studio.

In a stranger-than-fiction twist that is neither truly-ironic nor entirely-coincidental, Himes also produced and engineered Shrug’s acclaimed 2005 album, Whole Hog For The Macho Jesus, the fifth track of which is a rockin’ tune titled “Age Nowhere.” Upon founding the band Age Nowhere, Monnin asked Shrug’s Tod Weidner for permission to use the name in an unsolicited Facebook message.

With their first album set to release soon and their second already underway, this band is looking forward to an exciting 2019.

Drummer: Seth Gilliam (Seth Gilliam & The Fake News)
Bassist: Matt Terry (RIND guitarist)
Guitar: Matt Spaugy
Guitar: Dan Spaugy (Neo American Pioneers guitarist)
Vocals and Guitar: Paul Monnin: (Neo American Pioneers keyboardist)

#1 Stillwater
#2 Misery
#3 New Sheriff In Town
#4 Airport Sounds