Last week, we hit 700 episodes, a major milestone in the podcasting world! When we’ve hit these milestones in the past, we stopped to take a moment to check in with the state of the podcast now, where we want to go in the future, and to remind you, our listeners, that we’d love to have your feedback as we continue to grow and evolve this regional audio magazine that we’ve curated over the last 6 years and 700 episodes. If you enjoy listening to us regularly, please subscribe on iTunes, or listening platform of your choice. Also please leave us a rating and review!

We just started to host monthly podcaster meet ups with fellow area podcasters. It’s been great to create a real sense of community, and we are excited to take that to the next level at this month’s Dayton Podfest. The event is the brainchild of our own Izzy Rock. He will serve as Master of Ceremonies throughout the day which includes a workshop, networking and live podcasts. Join us for as long as you can on March 30, 2019 (schedule below). Podfest tickets $10. Workshop & Podfest tickets $20.


2:00-4:00pm: Podcasting Workshop hosted by The Izzy Rock.

During the workshop, Izzy will be joined by fellow Dayton podcasters to walk you through the various stages of creating and maintaining a podcast, share tips & tricks to grow your audience, along with a Q&A session.

4:00 -10:30 pm: Dayton Podfest:

4:00-5:00 pm: Podcast Networking – meet with vendors and fellow podcasters

5:00-10:30 pm: Live Podcasts from 6 Dayton-based podcasts

The biggest change on the horizon for Gem City Podcast is that we are in earnest reaching out to sponsors to ensure we have the resources to continue our work in the community. So you may hear a commercial or two in the future. We’ve been unsponsored and grassroots since our inception, which is the main reason that we’ve been able to have to discuss challenging issues in our community. Even though we are taking sponsors, that will not change our commitment to continuing these important and impactful conversations. 

If you have ideas for a show or would like to become a sponsor, please message us via our Facebook page or message Libby or Izzy directly at:

Our Monday host, Libby Ballengee discusses how she has evolved as a podcast host, a role she takes more seriously than ever. Over the next batch of 100 episodes, expect more investigative episodes from her, including conversations with all the Montgomery County Commissioners, members of the Dayton School Board, parenting and addiction specialists, as well as fun episodes with Dayton personalities and those doing good work in our region. More than ever, we want our episodes to be useful, interesting, and necessary for people who live in and love Dayton, Ohio!

Libby also fills us in with what she is up to personally. In April, Libby officially launches her Venus Child Productions concerts regularly at the new Brightside Music & Event Center. (See dates below) She is also opening her downtown photo studio, usually booked by corporate and publishing clients, to the public. If you’re in Dayton, and have needs for portrait or commercial photography, feel free to reach out to her at

April 9 – The Nth Power (from New Orleans)

April 19 – This Must Be the Party (a tribute to the Talking Heads) with special guests Ernie Johnson from Detroit

Libby also shares her new found enthusiasm for Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of South Bend Indiana and presidential hopeful. Reading his book Shortest Way Home describes his experience growing up during the 80s/90s in an industrial “dying” midwestern city. So much about his story is retable to Dayton: the former auto town finding its new identity in a modern world, getting past resentment and looking forward to the future. Lots of great ideas that can be applied to Dayton’s future as well! Recommended reading!

Read his book for free (with Dayton Library) on: (app for smart phones too.

Izzy gives love to the Dayton Funnybone, Dayton Dragons Baseball, Age Nowhere, Amber Hargett, among many other things.

Cryztal Grid – “On Fire”