We know you all love the food episodes – so we are back with more! We check in with Lisa Grigsby, who is wearing her Dayton Dining hat in a conversation with our host Libby Ballengee. She is filling us in on all the new restaurants and breweries in the Miami Valley area. Lots of food trucks are upgrading to being full time owners and chefs, and we are now up to19 breweries – just in Montgomery County! Lots to catch up on!

Beesly – “Subterfuge”

Local businesses mentioned in this podcast.
Rapid Fired Pizza, El Toro, la piñata, Flyby BBQ, Zombie Dogz, Melt, Giordano’s Beavercreek, St. Anne the Tart, Gem City Cafe, Fifth Street Brew Pub, Al’s smokehouse bar & grill, Texas Beef & Cattle Company, Offerings ministries Holy Grounds Cafe, Press, Ghostlight Coffee, Wheat Penny Oven and Bar, Eudora Brewing Company, Warped Wing, Alematic Artisan Ales, Branch & Bone Artisanal Ales, Heavier Than Air Brewing Co, Carillon Brewing Company, Hairless Hare, Lock 27, Lucky Star Brewery, Star City Brewing Company, Toxic Brew, Nowhere In Particular, Yellow Springs Brewery, Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co, Devil Wind Brewing, Crooked Handle Brewing Co., Salar Restaurant and Lounge, Century Bar, Watermark Restaurant, RTA, Fusian, Eden Spice, Holly’s Home Cooking

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March 30, 2019
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