Scott Ervin, The Kid Whisperer™ has a passion for improving the lives of teachers, parents, caregivers, and the children they serve. His career has been devoted to education and helping children succeed.

Scott has over a decade of experience dealing with troubled and at-risk children on a daily basis and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to his work.

Scott’s engaging, humorous teaching style and straight forward, systematic approach paves the way for worry free discipline which in turn, builds children’s confidence and critical thinking skills.

@TheIzzyRock finds questions from the Subreddit r/Teachers and without previous knowledge of the questions, gets Scott to answer them.

#1 What are some of your unpopular opinions as a Teacher?
#2 How do you deal with imposter syndrome?
#3 I Became The Teacher I Never Wanted To Be
#4 What are your must have apps/sites that you use?
#5 Most ridiculous rule you have seen?


Sam At Eleven does the intro/outro