Chief Keith hales from Sidney, Ohio. He released the album, Alan Vs Simon on December 2, 2018. At 27 years old, he has been a musician since the age of 13. He made his debut in hip hop in 2016 as a duo called “Citizens of earth” featuring a close friend and local rapper G.nome. The group went on hiatus in late 2017. Chief was clearly not finished with what he had started. Going solo in 2018 and dropping 3 mixtapes in 6 months. Continuing to expand on his message with 4 more collab singles and a 5 song, self titled ep by September of 2018.

Chief Keith is taking the hip hop genre by storm with hits like, “waves” from his paranoid mixtape, and “movie stars pt. 1” off his level 1 mixtape. Chief holds no boundaries in his creativity with hip hop. A force in his personally derived lyrical genius, making it seamless from all corners of hip hop, to relate.

Chief also records all his music in his own home studio, which is open to other artists. Chief stating,”I truly care about the integrity of hip hop, and, I do everything I can to lift up artists with a similar approach to what I’m doing here. I really want to make a positive impact on my community through music.”

Chief Keith has performed with artists including, Youtube sensation, Merkules, Blueprint from rhymesayers records, C the gray, and many more!

#1 My Name
#2 Let Go
#3 Ann Nihilist
#4 Waves