Abertooth Lincoln is a progressive punk band out of Dayton Ohio. They live together in The Aberplex. They like to drive around in their van, Bersheba Lincoln, and play rock shows as often as possible. When they’re not sluggin’ down on tunes, they’re usually starting fires on the back patio of the Aberplex, or having scrim sales in our front yard. They also let people know when they’ve dropped their map. They’re Gem City Podcast host Izzy Rock’s favorite live punk band and they stopped by DATV to chat about things and stuff.

James Lampe – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Werthmann – Drums
Ashley Pooler- Vocals
Andrew Humphrey – Bass

#1 Average White Boy
#2 Queer and Loathing in Rowan County
#3 Artisanal Popcorn
#4 Twenty Minutes of Action