Dayton’s history is intriguing, and in this episode of Gem City Podcast, our host Libby Ballengee speaks to Dayton historian, librarian and author, Andrew Walsh, about Dayton’s lost and current gems. Andrew’s interest in local history began shortly after he moved to Dayton when he was curious about the area surrounding his then apartment in the Dayton Towers. As he began to research, he quickly became fascinated by a city that was once a major powerhouse, and that still has a lot of fight left despite suffering from crippling losses in recent decades. 

Andrew Walsh recently published the book Lost Dayton, Ohio, and he writes about Dayton history as well as its connection to current developments on You can find more information about the book at that website, or find it at most local book retailers. You can also follow @daytonvistas on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or sign up for a periodic newsletter of new content at

A newly-launched project on Dayton Vistas is a catalog of historic Dayton buildings, including a picture, year built, address, neighborhood, status, and more. That can be found at 

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