Dorian Dorsey aka Bambino and Pride Lion are two rappers from Dayton.
They join Izzy Rock and discuss living in homeless shelters, their path to create music and what their childhood smelled like. Thanks to DATV for the use of their space.

#1 Million Dollar Dreams featuring Thom Staxx
#2 I Remember featuring Mia Lovelace
#3 How I’m Living
#4 Devil Callin’
#5 Foreigner
Not sure where I found this interview to give the author credit. But this was a fun podcast – Izzy
Q1. What is your name, stage name, and age?
A1. Dorian Dorsey, “YOUNGIN Bambino”, 19.

Q2. Where were you born, and where do you currently reside?
A2. Dayton, Oh… West side.

Q3. What year would you say it was that you had first started making music?
A3. 2008, in Minnesota.

Q4. Around what year did you start taking your craft serious?
A4. Started taking music serious in 2012.

Q5. How many tapes have you released so far?
A5. I’ve put out 3 mixtapes.

Q6. Have you done any live shows before?
A6. I’ve done plenty of live shows.

Q7. Have you had the opportunity to do any out of state shows yet?
A7. Yeah. Detroit, and Atlanta.

Q8. Have you opened for any big name artists yet, if so, who?
A8. I opened up for “Money Bagg Yo” in Columbus.

Q9. How did you get your stage name?
A9. I got my name from randomly telling a producer from Atlanta my name was YOUNGIN, and stuck wit it ever since.

Q10. Have you ever/or would you ever get into doing battle rap?
A10. No, I’m not really into battle rap.

Q11. In your opinion, what would you say is your best track you’ve ever released so far, if you had to pick just one?
A11. I think my best song is my single “Not Average”.

Q12. What is the most successful track you have ever released?
A12. The most successful track I have released would be “Million Dollar Dreams”.

Q13. Who were your top 5 biggest musical influences, growing up?, and who are your top 5 biggest musical influences today?
A13. I would say: Drake, Gucci, Boosie.

Q14. What made you sit down, and write your very first song ever. What were you going through at the time, is there a story of some sort on how you got your start in this profession?
A14. My mom’s boyfriend in Minnesota used to tell me to write a rap all the time. I did it so much to where I fell in love with writing music, and rappers in general.

Q15. If you had to pick your one favorite artist that you’ve ever done a collab with, who would it be?
A15. I would say that “On My Life” collab wit me, and “NTS Routebaby”.