YelloPain is a rapper, born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Beginning his craft as a musician at the early age of 7, Yello had a tough time getting people to take him serious as an artist. When he was 12 years old, he did his first performance at Omega Baptist Church, and soon grew to have the support of religious leaders in the city of Dayton. For Yello, performing at Churches began to be the regular, and he eventually grew to perform at nightclubs, pep rallies, citywide events, and even battle rap on the side. Overtime, he grew to have a well-respected position as a rapper in his hometown, and is still striving to make an international impact. Performing for the purpose of entertaining the masses with quality and impressive music, YelloPain works daily to achieve his lifelong dreams.

#1 Keep That Same Energy
#2 I Fell In Love One Time
#3 Wakanda
#4 I Woke Up So Motivated
#5 You Da Type

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