It’s always a pleasure to have Joel Levinson on the podcast! He sat down with our host Libby Ballengee, to discuss making movies in the Dayton area, his approach to comedic writing, and much more!

Joel is a writer, comedian from Yellow Springs, Ohio. Joel is the world’s first professional online video contest winner, which has sent him to all seven continents and even earned him a Tonight Show visit. Joel’s day job is branded marketing content, by night he likes to party. He’s married to previous Gem City Podcast guest Randi Levinson and is raising two kids in Yellow Springs.

Joel often collaborates with his older brother, Stephen Levinson, as the Levinson Brothers.[2] In 2016 they began work on a musical comedy called “Boy Band,” the story of a late 1990s Boy Band who were wildly successful but have now gotten older, fatter and balder and haven’t realized they are no longer “boys.” The movie was primarily filmed in and around Dayton, Ohio and gained attention from national publication Newsweek as a new approach to advance the “decentralization of comedy.” The movie features QuestloveChase CrawfordGilbert Gottfried and stars Steve AgeeJordan CarlosDave HillSeth Herzog as the boy band “The Heartthrob Boyz,” and was the subject of a successful Kickstarter campaign.[3]

Learn more about Joel, his brother Stephen, their movie “Boy Band” and additional press:

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