The Vibe, a 4-piece band. Comprised of members; from different groups of the Dayton area. Is a multi-genre band that has influences of many artists, genres, and world music. They compose their own songs, as well as cover other artists’ songs. A twist of live Hip Hop, Funk grooves, Soul, and the knit and grit from Rock and Roll. This group is a multi-dimensional force you must experience. The quartet has performed at an array of festivals and opened up/or played with various acts. Such acts and festivals are The Cleveland Music Festival, Festival of Fire, Miami Valley Fest (TWCB), The Werkout 2016 (TWCB, BDJ), The Steepwater Band, Ron Holloway (Warren Hayes Band, TWCB), Richie Ramone (Ramones, Aurelius), Craig G (Marley Marl, 8 mile, Aurelius), Doc Frank, Thomas Troutman, Zapp (Zapp and Roger), Devin the Dude, Kool Keith, and other national touring acts/local musicians. The Vibe brings a distinct presence to the stage, energy that is off the charts, and character that redefines the old and new. An experience that you have to witness live..
#1 Trump’s Crazy featuring Jay Vez
#2 Tell Me featuring Philip Bradley Hutchinson
#3 Saxual Healing featuring Saxtone
#4 Spodieodiefunkaliscious
Band Members
Tom Kellogg
Marceia Cornwell
Brandon Tate
Marcus Cornwell

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