The New Old Fashioned is a rock and roll band from Dayton, OH.

The New Old-Fashioned’s third album, Smalltown, Midwest, USA, is an attempt to understand America in 2018. The album’s nine songs set forth a cast of characters you might encounter while walking down Main Street in a small Midwestern town – such as the band’s hometown of Dayton, OH – and examines what makes them tick. These are people you know: people from different social settings, economic backgrounds, political affiliations and generations. They’re all slightly at odds with one another, but they have at least one thing in common: home.

Musically, the record takes the band’s rock-with-a-sprinkle-of-country sound and turns it upside down. The rockers rock harder, the ballads are sparser and the twangier tunes dive headfirst into the “garage country” of the New Old-Fashioned’s live shows that was only hinted on previous records. The result is more diverse than the band’s past work while still maintaining a familiar Americana sound.

For this album, the New Old-Fashioned reunited with producer Patrick Himes, who previously produced the band’s self-titled debut and 2013’s “Ladies” single, at Reel Love Recording Company in Dayton, OH. This time around, the band recorded live to tape, adding vocals and added textures via overdubs. Himes contributed organ, pedal steel or Wurlitzer to nearly every song, thickening the overall sound of each song and adding a musical continuity to the record as a whole.

The New Old-Fashioned’s last album, 2015’s Low-Down Dirty Summer Nights, was recorded with producer Micah Carli at Popside Recording.

The new album is now available on Magnaphone Records and is available on vinyl, CD and all digital formats

#1 Small Town Midwest, USA
#2 Closer and Closer
#3 Simpler Times
#4 99 Acres