Over 15 years ago, our co-host Libby Ballengee was introduced and healed by a practitioner of Pranic Healing, an ancient form of no-touch healing that was rediscovered by Philippine chemical engineer named Choa Kok Sui. Libby’s experience was so extraordinary that she decided to learn more about Pranic Healing, and meditation, which is a foundation of the healing practice.

This summer, Libby was invited to a Pranic Healing session in Dayton, which was facilitated by Felisha Beverly, a local healer. The workshop also featured meditation training by Gary Smith, a trainer with the  Dayton Heartfulness Meditation Center in Beavercreek. Libby recorded how patients felt before and after healing and meditation sessions, many of them new to these concepts and ideas. If you’re not sure what these forms of healing are all about, this is an episode you’ll want to check out.

More about Pranic Healing / Felisha Beverly:

Felisha opened a Holistic Practice after embarking on her own amazing journey of transformation and healing. Her sessions are refreshingly unique and unconventional in format. The benefits from her work have a long lasting effect and the powerful nature of her healing abilities bring light and hope into the lives of those she touches. 

Felisha was born in the Appalachian Mountains and graduated from the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, along with HypnoBirthing Training at the Leidecker Institute. She is certified to teach HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Classes to help facilitate gentle birthing. Felisha attended Morehead State University and Kettering College of Medical Arts and has an extensive background with Equine and Animal Science. She attended and still attends many classes through the Institute of Asian Studies. She has also been trained in various Ayurvedic Therapies including Snehan-Warm oil massage, Nadi Swed-Steam therapy, Shirdhara, and is a NCTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) Approved Provider for Continuing Education. She offers specialized treatments such as Nasya Sinus treatment and Ear treatments with combination therapy. Felisha has a degree in Applied Science with an emphasis in Integrative Medical Massage Therapy from Sinclair Community College and SHI Integrated Massage and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture School. She has been trained in Swedish, Cranial Sacral I, Muscle Energy Techniques I, Polarity Therapy, Integrative Myoneural Therapy, Face-Lift Massage, NLP and more. 

Felisha started teaching Pranic Healing in July of 2013. Her favorite subjects are energy healing, angels and manifesting. Her goals are to inspire the lives of all that she comes in contact with and assist the other healers of the world in shifting the consciousness of mankind into a more positive awareness. She is launching her own school in January 2019 called Faith Miracles Believe Massage School for Healers to pass on all that she has learned through her own healing practice of almost two decades and over 4000 clients and students.

Pranic Healing: www.pranichealing.com

Previous GCP episode with Felisha: http://gemcitypodcast.com/?p=2641

Connect with Beverly: www.miraculousworks.com

Or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0LvcBfJ_L5fDez99G-qB-g

Felisha on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felisha-beverly-5418a216/

Faith Miracles Believe School: https://www.alignable.com/dayton-oh/holistic-hands-of-hope-llc-miraculous-works

More about Dayton Heartfulness / Gary Smith:

Gary Smith is a certified Heartfuless trainer, certified level 1 and 2 Pranic healer and pranic psychotherapy, and M. Ed. with 20 years of working with special needs students.

Dayton Heartfulness – Since 1993, the Heartfulness organization has worked alongside individuals helping them establish peace and joy in their lives through the ancient practice of meditation. With roots in 130 countries, the Heartfulness organization has worked with nearly every type of business, organization and individual to instill a sense of calmness and peace. They are also formally associated as an NGO with the United Nations. All services are free of charge. Donations are accepted. This is a volunteer based organization.

Two locations in Dayton host the trainers performing the soothing practices:

The SRCM Heartfulness Meditation Center in Beavercreek is located on Lantz Road, large enough to host up to 200 people. 

The second, unexpected location, is the Heartfulness Lounge on the ground floor of the Fairfield Mall, across from the Buckeye Room (this spot is best for individuals or small groups).  

Heartfulness Lantz Road Location:

Heartfulness Introductory Session : Every Sunday 12:15 PM & Thursday 7:15 PM

Heartfulness Lounge in the Mall at Fairfield Commons:

Monday – Friday 5pm to 8:30pm & Saturday Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Drop in Heartfulness Sessions Available

Other Meditation Sessions in the Community:

Aum Yoga Studio – Friday 10:15 AM – 125 S. Walnut St, Yellow Springs, Oh 45387 

Tree of Life Church – Tuesday 7:30 PM – 1630 E 5th Street, Dayton OH 45403 

YMCA – Xenia – Wednesday 5:30 PM  – 135 E Church St, Xenia, OH 45385 

Dayton Peace Museum – Wednesday 5:15 PM – 208 W. Monument, Dayton OH 45402 – Holbrooke Hall

Ayurveda Natural Health Center – Friday 12:45PM –1342 N. Fairfield Road, Suite B, Beavercreek, OH 45432

Dayton Heartfulness website: http://www.daytonheartfulness.org/

On FB: https://www.facebook.com/heartfulnessdayton/

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