DayLone, also known as Dalin Byrd, is an artist based in Dayton, Ohio. His sound is an exciting and groundbreaking blend of hip-hop and trap, combining the grit of the old school sound, with the diverse punch of the modern age. He has a troubled past and a few run-ins with the law. He was arrested and even charged, but not convicted of aggravated robbery, He turned his life around when he was eventually released from jail, dropping his first mixtape and exploring his talent as a hip-hop rapper and songwriter. With surefire hit songs such as “Nasty”, “For The Green”, “Love About You” or “Man Down”, he set out to make an impact on the music scene with a searing lyrical flow and a raw attitude. Don’t miss out on his most recent mixtapes, “Trap Lingo” and “Trap Lingo 2”, currently available online.
#1 Love About You
#2 Balmain
#3 Man Down
#4 For The Green

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