This is a fun episode with Brian Spirk and Tony Moore, two of our favorite Dayton musicians! Not only are they talented musicians, they are two of the most genuinely sweet guys on the scene. They aren’t in a band together, or even play the same style of music – but we discovered these two had a connection Spirk gave Moore guitar lessons when he was a teen. The backstory of how these two influenced each other was became a mission for our co-host Libby Ballengee. In this casual and relaxed conversation, Libby learns about their meeting, and their subsequent experiences as musicians and Daytonians.
About Brian Spirk: Brian performs mandolin and sings with local bands The Great Northern String Band, The Repeating Arms, Nasty Bingo, This Must Be the Party (Talking Heads tribute) and others as the go-to mandolin player in Dayton. His favorite food is bacon wrapped water chestnuts.
The Great Northern String Band: The Repeating Arms:
This Must Be the Party:
About Tony Moore: Tony plays guitar for The Boxcar Suite, a group that consists of studied and accomplished musicians who’ve long been staples of the Dayton, Ohio, musical landscape, play thoughtful rock ‘n’ roll. Their songs are designed to enlighten as well as entertain, and deliver on a self-imposed band/fan contract that positive vibes are paramount and experimentation and musicianship will exceed even the highest listener expectations.
On their latest effort, Across The Vast & Deep, the band allows their power-pop, guitar- centric sensibilities to meander through a variety of genres and inspirations, from psychedelia to country and from folk to glam. Although the band isn’t reinventing the wheel, it is clear the group is covering some new ground.
The Boxcar Suite – Hard To Deliver
Repeating Arms – Digem’ Graves
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