Todays episode of the podcast is with DJ Killa Kev and Kev Nash “You Can’t Make This Up” They release a podcast on their own feed early in the week, usually on Monday and then we drop it in our feed for our Friday episode.

Today you’re getting two episodes of their podcast right here. This is episode #617 of Gem City Podcast, a podcast all about Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley that we’ve been releasing since 2013.

The podcasts we’re featuring today are episode 115 and 116 of You Can’t Make This Up. The first part is #115 #OnTheRunInNYC, Kev Nash recaps his vacation trip to NYC, Killa Kev rates the Jay-Z Beyonce tour in Columbus at the Horshoe. The fellas try to figure out what’s wrong with Nicki Minaj, and the pros and cons of Fall weddings.

The second part is #116 #LowBatteryTrapMuzik with Dem Cuzzo’s. The Kev’s link up with Dem Cuzzo’s about their new mixtape, the grind to make it, the recording process, going on tour, and much more.

Follow the fellas on Twitter @DJ_Killa_Kev and @1KevNash

Tino- “Summertime”